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Genesis Krypton 750 Review

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Established in 2011, Genesis is a gaming gear company based in Poland. Modeled after the popular Razer Viper Mini, the Krypton 750 differs in several key aspects. For one, traditional mechanical main button switches see use. The back cover can be changed to either a perforated or solid cover. In addition to that, it gives access to the weight compartment, which allows one to add up to twelve small weights of 1.5 g each, effectively providing a weight range of 60 to 82 g. Instead of the Viper Mini's PAW3359, PixArt's PAW3333 capable of 8000 CPI makes a showing. A flexible, paracord-like cable is used, and the rich RGB lighting can be configured within the software, which also provides all the other usual options. The Krypton 750 is available in either black or white.


Genesis Krypton 750
Size:118 mm x 61 mm x 39 mm
Size (inches):4.65" x 2.40" x 1.54"
Weight:60–82 g
Number of Buttons:6 (including wheel click)
Main Switches:Huano
Wheel Encoder:Mechanical
Sensor:PixArt PAW3333
Resolution:200–8000 CPI
Polling Rate:125/250/500/1000 Hz
Cable:1.80 m, braided
Warranty:2 years
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