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Glorious Model D Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • The Glorious Model D is available for $49.99 (matte) / $59.99 (glossy).
  • Great sensor performance
  • Very low click latency
  • High button quality
  • Good scroll wheel
  • Good choice of components
  • Very flexible cable
  • Excellent mouse feet
  • Lightweight
  • Grippy coating
  • Full software customizability
  • Well-done lighting
  • Additional set of bigger supplementary feet included
  • Minor sensor lens movement
The Glorious Model D did very well in my testing. With some lessons learned from the Model O and O-, the Model D not only builds on the strengths of these mice, but improves on them: The sensor is still PixArt's PMW3360, which performed great. The buttons are even better now, with the main buttons having as little wobble as physically possible, and the side buttons having an improved construction that results in a firm and satisfying click feel. Click latency remains very low as well, with the option to increase it in the software in case of double clicks occurring. The Model D is using the exact same switches and the same wheel encoder as the Model O/O-, which is great—no changes needed in that regard. The cable, mouse feet, and coating are also of just as high quality, resulting in a mouse that handles very well. Lastly, the RGB is still tastefully done, with a rich variety of lighting programs to choose from in the bug-free and resource-friendly software.

The biggest difference, therefore, is the shape of the Model D. The Model O/O- had an ambidextrous shape, whereas the Model D is Glorious' first foray into the world of right-handed ergonomic mice. Somewhat closely modeled after the popular Zowie EC shape (which in turn is a variation of Microsoft's famous IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0), the Model D has a shape that can be used perfectly fine in all three main grip styles (palm, claw, and fingertip) and with most hand sizes. Compared to the EC series, the Model D doesn't flare out as much and ends up feeling less bulky overall, which is a net improvement in my book. And to top it off, Glorious went the extra mile and added supplementary feet for those preferring the bigger EC series feet over the smaller stock ones the Model D comes with by default.

Sounds like the perfect mouse so far, right? Right! But there's a (small) caveat. My matte sample showed a bit of sensor lens movement in my testing. While this isn't optimal, it should be kept in mind that it only shows up in my specific test and is not noticeable during actual use and in games. For this reason, I'm quite happy to give the Model D the Budget and Editor's Choice awards, as it's an excellent and still affordable mouse.
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