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Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • The Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard in its pre-built form comes with black keycaps, no O-rings, and Gateron Brown switches. It costs $109.95 from the Glorious PC Gaming web shop for customers in the USA, as of the date of this review. The GMMK also comes as a barebones version from their website, allowing customers to add a set of switches, keycaps, and O-rings as desired with final pricing ranging from $59.99 without any switches, keycaps, or O-rings to $129.97 for the most expensive combination possible.
  • Good price for the feature set
  • Modular switch design allows for people to customize the keyboard to their preference of compatible switches
  • Availability in multiple customized versions directly from the company
  • Extensive onboard controls for backlighting, and also program/function shortcuts
  • Per-key 16.8 M color RGB backlighting on all keys, combined with many lighting effects
  • Software driver adds profile and macro support in addition to finer backlighting control
  • Minimalist design works well in most environments
  • Software driver needs a lot of user experience improvements, especially increased compatibility with display resolution and scaling
  • Quality control can be improved
  • Mold used for doubleshot-injection leaves a less-than-satisfactory impression of the finished legends on the stock keycaps
Had the Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard come without the first M for Modular and as a pre-built version with Gateron Switches soldered in place, this review would have likely been more negative overall. But then, you could argue that removing any keyboard's important feature would be nerfing it and not doing it credit either. So here we are then, taking a look at the GMMK as a complete package; barebones, kit, or pre-built. They all share a lot of common DNA, and the ability to customize switches makes it a handy, attractive keyboard.

Sure, we have seen other keyboards offer this feature, but my first notice of it came about with the Glorious PC Gaming Race company and this very keyboard a few years ago. They have since updated their software driver, which is likely a result of changed hardware drivers too, as well as kept up with their switch inventory to where their web shop is self sufficient in offering a package that will suit just about everyone unless you want a specific switch they don't offer, in which case you can buy the barebones version and get your own switches and keycaps (and O-rings if needed). The GMMK is more than just that, however, because of its well-executed overall design and package of contents. The minimalist design with a spare few touches of the Glorious PC Gaming Race concept (which can be completely negated as well if you prefer it so) helps with a blank slate customers can use as desired, be it with the backlighting support or the software driver for profiles and macros.

That software driver is a love-it or hate-it affair unfortunately, more late 2000s than late 2010s. Quality control issues and still having to add that finishing touch to the product seem to be what keep the GMMK from being excellent, with some shortcuts taken with the software and properly finishing the manufacture of the aluminium frame and keycaps preventing me from wanting to spend my own money on it. It does, however, tick a lot of desired feature boxes on my checklist, be it as a barebones product or otherwise, to warrant a strong recommendation.
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