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Gryphon AX WiFi 6 Router Review

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Gryphon had impressed me with its take on the WiFi 5 (802.11ac) mesh system as a brand-new startup in 2020, and going back to read the introduction section that rings true even today. I had mentioned then how WiFi 6 had been introduced a few years back but was only still trickling down into the consumer space, and it is really only now that we see more widespread adoption in higher-end tech products, including mobile phones and PC NICs. As such, when Gryphon asked if I would be interested in taking a look at its entry to WiFi 6, especially after having established a presence in the parental-monitoring niche of home networking today, I was more than intrigued. Thanks to Gryphon for providing TechPowerUp a review sample!

Between the Gryphon Tower we checked out in 2020 and this all-new Gryphon AX today, the company had also brought out a more affordable set of routers and satellite units under the Gryphon Guardian name. Some of that trickled up as the Gryphon AX adopts a simpler form factor compared to the curved and svelte Tower with its underbody LEDs. It still follows the theme of a clean white design that can be placed in the living room as much as hidden in an attic, for example. The manner in which Gryphon builds its mesh networking system is quite simple: there is no dedicated router or satellite and you simply buy the number of individual units needed based on your network coverage area and how transmissible it is. I have here a single unit of the Gryphon AX which will be treated as the router, so keep that in mind as the product does scale with more units for signal strength and WiFi performance. Let's begin the review of the Gryphon AX with a look at the product specifications in the table below.


Gryphon AX WiFi 6 Router
WiFi Technology:AX4300 (2.4 GHz and 2x 5 GHz), simultaneous Tri-band WiFi
Throughput:591 Mbps on 2.4 GHz band; 1,237 + 2,475 Mbps on the 5 GHz bands
Antennas:Six high-performance antennas
MU-MIMO:4x4 bi-directional MU-MIMO WiFi 6 throughput
Beamforming:Direct to client beamforming for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands
Ports:Single 1 Gbps WAN port, single 1 Gbps LAN port; power + reset
Dimensions:16 (H) x 13.5 (L) x 8.5 (W) cm
Weight (each router/satellite unit):1.1 kg / 2.5 lbs
Warranty:One year
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