Hardware Labs Black Ice Nemesis GTR 360 Radiator Review 26

Hardware Labs Black Ice Nemesis GTR 360 Radiator Review

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Hardware Labs is a relatively small company in the niche market of PC DIY watercooling, though with a reputation that precedes them. Based out of Manila in the Philippines, they are among the very few to have in-house radiator design and manufacturing instead of relying on third-party factories in China. As such, they are able to produce different radiator categories for different needs and applications - low noise optimization, high coolant flow optimization, good thermal dissipation scaling with airflow, and so on. Missing in their current range was a successor to their old GTX (Gen Two Extreme) radiators with a high fin density for good performance at higher fan speeds, but a proportionate amount of noise for those who don't care about noise as much as getting the absolute best performance possible. Enter the new Nemesis GTR.

Hardware Labs is promising something new here, and not just in the usual way of increasing fin density to get higher thermal performance with airflow, so let's thank them for providing the sample before taking a look at it right now.


Black Ice Nemesis GTR 360
Color:Black (standard)
Material:Copper and brass
Radiator size:3x120 mm
Dimensions:398(L) x 133(W) x 54.7(H) mm
Fan compatibility:Square frame 120 mm
Fin type:Copper with paint coat, 16 FPI splitter type, 25 μm thick
Ports:Two, BSP G1/4" threaded
Screw type:M4 threading
Warranty:Limited lifetime manufacturer warranty
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