HiFiMAN Edition S Open/Closed back Headphones Review 1

HiFiMAN Edition S Open/Closed back Headphones Review

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The Package

The Edition S comes in a well-padded box which can survive quite a lot of abuse.

The bundle is pretty normal. You get an iPhone-compatible cable, a 1/4" adapter, and an airplane adapter.

Cable quality is pretty good, but nothing exciting. The cable is pretty flexible and does not create a lot of noise when bumped around.

One of the interesting features of the Edition S is that it can be folded up, which makes it much more convenient for traveling. HiFiMAN has even included a snug-fitting carrying case with the Edition S model, which is very kind of them; it is definitely a nice piece of accessory.

Closer Examination

Design-wise, the Edition S is definitely one of HiFiMAN's prettier headphones. The materials used generally feel good, and there are no obvious nuisances with the headband and ear pads, which enables you to get a good fit quickly. Weight is definitely not an issue since it is primarily made out of plastic. The ear cup and pad design works surprisingly well on my ears. As they are circum-aural, they need to completely envelope your ears to function properly, and they do. The cups do the job brilliantly with my large and pretty standard-looking ears.

Padding on the Edition S is minimal, but does the job. Both the ear and headband pads have the right compromise between stiffness and thickness to disperse pressure adequately.

The side-cover trick is a neat one, and HiFiMAN managed to not completely ruin the acoustics of the Edition S when you install the covers, which is really tricky.
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