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Huntkey X-MAN 90 W Review

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We would like to thank Huntkey for supplying the review sample.

Huntkey Enterprise Group was founded in 1995 and they are specialized in the development, design and manufacturing mainly of power supplies. Their power supply products cover all market segments from home use to business environments where custom tailored designs are needed. Among others they also build computer cases, chargers, power supply converters and universal notebook adapters. In today's review we are going to fully evaluate their latest universal notebook adapter which uses a Marvel superhero-inspired name, X-MAN.

Huntkey used a special production process for the X-MAN, allowing its dimensions to shrink so its volume is reduced by 45% compared to normal power adapters and at the same time power output remains at high levels. Thanks to the special design the adapter's lifespan is increased as well. With only 1.7cm height and 268g weight the X-MAN is able to provide up to 90W power to almost every notebook of the market, thanks to the ten exchangeable power-tips it it is equipped with. Besides the main 19V rail the X-MAN also comes with a 5V USB power port which can deliver up to 2A, so it can easily charge a wide range of tablet PCs besides other common devices (mobile phones, digital cameras etc). To provide safe power even in unstable power grids the X-MAN is equipped with three protections commonly used in desktop PSUs: Over-Voltage Protection (OVP), Over-Current Protection (OCP) and Short-Circuit Protection (SCP). The supported notebooks according to Huntkey include (but are not restricted to): HP/Compaq, Acer/Gateway, Lenovo/Thinkpad, Toshiba, ASUS, SAMSUNG, Sony, Fujitsu and Dell.

All the above sound nice and we are pretty sure that most of you would fancy a smaller power brick for your notebook with enough power to handle even demanding mobile GPUs. Using our tests we will find out if Huntkey managed to provide good performance to X-MAN, besides good looks and compact footprint. After all, this adapter uses a superhero's name so it has to perform equally strong.

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