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HyperX Fury S Speed Edition Review

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All size variants of the HyperX Fury S Speed Edition come rolled up in a cardboard box. Just like for most newer HyperX products, the box is red, white, and black and has the usual information, marketing text, and sponsored team logos, as well as a small window where you can touch the pad's surface. The box only contains the mouse pad and nothing else, which I am completely fine with as all the necessary information is on the package, so there's no need to generate more trash with extra booklets. The pad has a strong rubbery odor to it at first, which slowly goes away after a couple of days. This is common with most mouse pads, but the Fury is particularly smelly at first.

Size and Surface

The Fury S Speed Edition pads come in four different dimensions. The two smaller variants are 3 mm thick, while the bigger models are 4 mm thick. I will test the small version in this review; all pictures are of that model. The product's full dimensions are the following:

Small: 290 mm x 240 mm x 3 mm (11.42" x 9.45" x 0.12")
Medium: 360 mm x 300 mm x 3 mm (14.17" x 11.81" x 0.12")
Large: 450 mm x 400 mm x 4 mm (17.72" x 15.75" x 0.16")
XL: 900 mm x 420 mm x 4 mm (35.43" x 16.54" x 0.16")

Out of the box, flatness is not ideal at all, unfortunately. After unboxing, this is one of the wrinkliest mouse pads I've ever tried. It should lay flat after a few days, especially if you help it to do so with some weights—a big book with some extra weight on top can speed up the process a lot. In the pictures above, you can see how it looks initially and how flat it was after a few days.

As for the surface, it's very smooth and silky. The weaving is super dense, quite similar to the Razer Goliathus Speed, both in terms of touch and glide. This means it doesn't have too much friction, is fast, and stopping power isn't its strong point. Of course, it's still not uncontrollably fast like a hard glass pad, for instance.

The glide is smooth and even, and there are no bumpy spots or uneven parts. It takes minimal effort to swipe the mouse across the surface area (obviously, this depends on the weight of your mouse as well). Thankfully, there are no raised logos of any sort on the surface, so the mouse can glide across the whole pad freely without any odd disturbances.


The backing is made out of some strangely textured rubber that does the job well. I imagine the bigger Fury S Speed variants are even better in terms of sticking to the table. The small pad seems to move around by about a millimeter after a full-speed mouse swipe, which you most probably won't be doing on a small pad anyways.

In this picture, you can see a macro closeup of the texture on the bottom. It has an interesting pattern to it I've never seen on a mouse pad before, and seems to be working well.
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