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ID-Cooling IS-60 EVO ARGB Review

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ID-Cooling continues to show its resolve in offering effective cooling options in the DIY PC space. Many of their previous designs I have reviewed delivered exceptional performance per dollar. Not only that, but them continuously launching such options shows they are well equipped to handle such a cut-throat market segment. At their current pace, it stands to reason that the company's popularity will only continue to rise.

ID-Cooling's IS-60 EVO ARGB is the latest cooler to cross my test bench. Featuring a low-profile design that uses two fans and six heatpipes, it packs a hefty amount of metal in a small space with an overall weight of 650 grams including the fans. Still, due to its small size, the TDP rating is limited to 130 watts, so it will be quite interesting to see how well it performs when confronted with our test bench and its rather hot-running 8700K.

Model:IS-60 EVO ARGB
Socket Support:Intel: LGA1200, LGA1150, LGA1151, LGA1155, LGA1156
Heatsink:Material: Aluminium (fins)
Copper (heat pipes)
Dimensions: 120 x 122 x 64 mm
Heat pipes: Ø6 mm - 6 pcs
Weight: 650 g
Fan 1:Model: ID-12015M12S
Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 15 mm
Fan Speed: 450–2000 RPM
Fan Airflow: 54.6 CFM (maximum)
Fan Noise: 13.8–31.2 dBA
Fan 2:Model: ID-9215M12S
Dimensions: 92 mm x 92 mm x 15 mm
Fan Speed: 600–2500 RPM
Fan Airflow: 44.3 CFM (maximum)
Fan Noise: 14–33 dBA
Features:Low-profile design for ITX cases
Heatpipes soldered to base and fins
Nickle-plated copper base
ARGB lighting via 120 mm fan
Motherboard ARGB SYNC
Universal mounting hardware for easy installation
Warranty:Three years
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