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Ideazon Reaper Optical Gaming Mouse Review

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I would like Ideazon for supplying the review sample.

To give you an idea about the company behind the brand, this is what their "About Us" segment contains:
It all began back in 1999 as Oren Kramer, an avid gamer, tried his hand - both hands, in fact - at mastering the tricky basic commands of StarCraft™, an extensive real-time strategy game. Oren was also an avid Quake™ player, an intense first person shooter game. Suddenly, the proverbial light came on and in a moment of inspiration Oren asked himself three questions he would soon pursue the answers to . . .

What if a gaming keyboard could be designed to let gamers execute complex maneuvers and a combination of movements with just a single easy keystroke?

Could such a keyboard eliminate the need to memorize key commands and free gamers for the first time to focus all of their attention on action, strategy and ultimate victory?

Would a keyboard dedicated to gaming action not make it easier and faster for gamers of all levels to master any game and maximize playing enjoyment?

So began the Ideazon revolution.
Today we get to take a look at the Ideazon Reaper Gaming Mouse. The specifications are:
  • Twice the frame rate as conventional mouse with original Agilent high performance sensor with 1600 DPI at 6469 frames per second
  • Driverless, on the fly sensitivity switching lets you instantly access 3 DPI levels (400 - 800 -1600)
  • Illuminated red with a black on black finish
  • 6 programmable buttons plus a 7th button for ultra fast DPI Switching
  • Non-stick Teflon mouse feet and rubberized non-slip left and right mouse buttons
  • USB 2.0, 16-bit data path, 15 g acceleration with 40 ips works through the gold plated connector

Packaging & Contents

The packaging is kept in the same format as most other mice. It is square with a window to let you take a close look at the mouse. The interesting aspect is the fact that you can view the bottom of the device through the window as well. The front of the box let's you know that you will be buying the Reaper which has a 1600 DPI sensor. The back lists all the additional features and functions of the mouse in multiple languages.

Besides the device itself, you will find a small pamphlet and an 8 cm CD containing the software to customize the different mouse functions.
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