IKKO Gems OH1S In-Ear Monitors Review - Audible Jewelry 6

IKKO Gems OH1S In-Ear Monitors Review - Audible Jewelry

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The Ikko OH10 was my first-ever detailed review of headphones/earphones here, and those things were something else! Weighing twice as much as the average IEM, the design and unboxing experience was enough to make me a fan of the brand before its audio profile even entered the picture. One of my regrets at the time was not having my frequency measurement setup ready to go, so when Ikko contacted me about its latest upcoming IEMs, it felt like a retribution time of sorts. Today, we take a look at the Ikko OH1S, and thanks again to the company for sending TechPowerUp review samples!

Officially, these are named the IKKO Gems OH1S, but I will refer to them as the Ikko OH1S for convenience. Why Gems you ask? Well, just take a look at the image above! There is clear DNA shared between the OH10 and OH1S with the shell design having a similarly textured finish. But Ikko has gone with two shinier color options here, as well as a resin layer for more bling in between. This mix of metal and resin helps address one of the biggest issues with the OH10, which was the fatigue over time owing to the larger size and that ridiculous mass I can't get over even now. Coming in at the same price as the OH10 and further adding to the Ikko OH1/OH10/OH7 naming confusion, we put the OH1S through its paces to see if it merits a place in the ever-growing world of IEMs in this review that begins with a look at the product specifications below.


Ikko OH1S In-Ear Monitors
Materials:Aluminium alloy and resin cavity, carbon driver, silver-plated copper core cable
Driver Units:10 mm deposited carbon nano coil + Knowles 33518 balanced drive dual hybrid drivers
Sensitivity:106 dB
Frequency Response:20 Hz–20 kHz
Impedance:32 Ω
Nozzle Size:5.7 mm
Cable Connectors:3.5 mm TRS plug to source + two MMCX plugs to earbuds
Cable Length:4 ft/1.2 m
Warranty:One year
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