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In Win Commander III 600 W Review

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We would like to thank In Win for supplying the review sample.

After two generations In Win still insists on the Commander naming-scheme instead of promoting their fresh PSUs to generals or chiefs! However, they made them ready for desert battlefields by utilizing a sandy, tactile finish. A PSU ready for some warzone action and a highly customizable chassis does sound interesting, and the Commander III's unique coloring scheme may excite some users while turning off others that dislike such a "warlike" theme.

The new Commander III series consists of three units with capacities ranging from 600 W to 800 W. All feature 80 Plus Gold efficiency, a modular cabling system, share the same dimensions, design, and the unique coloring scheme. Today, we will evaluate the smallest of the new Commanders featuring 600 W maximum rated power. It can deliver most of its power on four +12V rails. The Commander III is a medium-capacity PSU that can support up to two high-end VGAs with its 600 W capacity and four PCIe connectors. This is pretty interesting because most manufacturers only equip a PSU of such a capacity with two PCIe connectors which cripples the PSU's usability, and that forces users looking for four connectors into a higher-capacity category with PSUs that aren't as efficient at low loads due to their increased wattage output. So buy a PSU that suits your needs when you are out searching for one. Don't buy one that clearly outputs too much power for your system and its components.

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