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In Win Glacier 900 W Review

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We would like to thank In Win and for supplying the review sample.

At times when almost everyone jumps on the platinum efficiency wagon, In Win decided to release a new PSU series with 80 PLUS Gold certification. This may sound odd but on the other hand the recently released platinum units feature a price similar to their high efficiency level and on top of that some recent reviews proved that high capacity platinum units actually do not meet the tough 80 PLUS Platinum requirements, at least at 10-20°C higher operating temperatures than the highly unrealistic 23°C that ECOS (the testing firm that actually measures all PSUs on behalf of 80 PLUS) uses.

The Glacier series, at least for the moment, has only one member, with 900W capacity. The IRP-GOL900 features a semi-modular cabling design, a 135 mm double ball bearing fan, utilizes a modern platform with DC-DC converters for the minor rails generation, is equipped with six PCIe connectors and finally is backed up by seven years warranty. Its specifications, except the max operating temperature which is only 40°C, look very good and with an MSRP of $215, which as usual will be much lower when the product hits the store shelves, the IRP-GOL900 looks very promising. However we should not forget that this unit will play in a very tough category with opponents like the Corsair AX850 and the Antec HCP-850 so it has to perform really well in our tests to get a recommendation or even an editor’s choice.

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