Jou Jye BITWIN BW-B430JL 430W Review 1

Jou Jye BITWIN BW-B430JL 430W Review

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We would like to thank Jou Jye for supplying the review sample.

Some days ago Jou Jye pleasantly surprised us with the BITWIN BW-B520JL, which proved to be a solid performer, something natural since it uses high-grade components. The decision to pick Seasonic, one of the best and among the most experienced OEM PSU manufacturers out there, had played of course a key role. Now it’s time for the BW-B430JL to prove its worth. Since we already know that under its hood a Seasonic design is hiding, we are pretty sure that it won’t let us down, as its bigger brother didn’t (with a minor exemption at the 3.3V rail where we recorded some bad results in the Advanced Transient Tests we ran).

In today’s review, besides the usual tests we will evaluate the MLC feature of BITWIN power supplies. So we’ll link a BW-B520JL with the BW-B430JL and take measurements of efficiency along with other vital readings. In the end we will conclude if it's worth it operating two smaller PSUs in parallel or it's better to acquire a higher wattage one.

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