Kingdom Come: Deliverance Benchmark Performance Analysis 29

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Benchmark Performance Analysis

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance, by debuting Czech developer Warhorse Studios and published by Deep Silver ("STALKER" and "Homefront"), aspires to be this year's first AAA blockbuster. The action RPG set in medieval central Europe, the Holy Roman Empire, follows the story of Henry, a carefree Bohemian sleepy-village hero out to take vengeance on a Cuman raiding party that ravages his home.

The richly detailed storyline has several political and religious overtones as the various sub-plots and side quests reveal themselves, some of which is relevant social commentary for this time. The game has a first-rate production design powered by CryEngine. We know from games such as "Ryse: Son of Rome" that in the right hands, the engine rewards high-end hardware with spectacular eye candy for games in a historic setting. On the PC, Kingdom Come: Deliverance requires 64-bit Windows and uses DirectX 11.

In this review, we put Kingdom Come: Deliverance through our selection of graphics cards backed by the latest drivers on our VGA test system. We measure the game's performance across four screen resolutions and even test the game's multi-core CPU performance scaling.
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