Kingston HyperX Beast 2400 MHz CL 11 2x 4 GB Review 11

Kingston HyperX Beast 2400 MHz CL 11 2x 4 GB Review

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Kingston has been around for over 25 years now. To me, they've always been a quality brand focusing on reliability and longevity. They've not always been at the forefront of performance with their memory products, but that changed 10 years ago with the introduction of their HyperX brand, which had Kingston commit a big part of its resources to producing high-end products that meet the discerning consumer's needs. Today, we have HyperX memory, SSDs, and USB drives, and the HyperX line has expanded to offer more than just high-performance goods in every segment.

After having been ranked numerous times as one of the top 500 private companies at Forbes, Kingston says this about HyperX and their recently launched products:
Since 2002, our HyperX products have been the memory of choice for gamers, computer enthusiasts, overclockers and system builders. The newly launched HyperX 10th Anniversary Edition Memory encompasses ultimate style and performance. As part of the Genesis family line, this stunning low-profile memory enhances the overall PC experience.
To help commemorate those ten years, Kingston sent me one of their HyperX Genesis 10th Anniversary Special Edition DDR3 memory kits, and a couple others as well. The set we are looking at today is one of those other sets: the HyperX Beast 2400 C11 kit. It is a smaller 8 GB kit as opposed to the 16 GB Genesis kit I looked at just a short while ago. Although it seems to sport similar timings and stock speeds in a different metal husk, I was pleasantly surprised to find something completely different. This isn't a new kit on the market, but it is, when it comes to enthusiast memory, a pretty affordable kit that comes clocked at speeds pretty much every current platform, Intel and AMD alike, supports when overclocking. Is there a Beast hidden within? Let's poke it and find out!


MODEL:HyperX Beast KHX23C11T3K2/8X
SPEED RATING:DDR3-2400 (PC3-19200)
RATED TIMINGS:11-13-13-30
PCB TYPE:8 Layers
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