Kingwin Stryker Fanless 500 W Review 5

Kingwin Stryker Fanless 500 W Review

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We would like to thank Kingwin for supplying the Stryker 500 W review sample.

The previous product of Kingwin we reviewed was the LZP-550, a platinum efficiency unit which amazed us with its excellent performance and of course its high efficiency throughout the load range. Recently Kingwin added another platinum unit to its arsenal: the Stryker Fanless 500W (or STR-500). Although this unit shares the same OEM (Super Flower) and the same platform with the LZP-550 it has a significant difference, it is completely inaudible since it uses a fanless design. Till now the choices a user had in fanless PSUs were very restricted and actually the Seasonic X-400 and X-460 dominated the field. However lately many manufacturers show a great interest for fanless PSUs and Super Flower through Kingwin made the first entry it this category. Here we should note that Super Flower also sells this same PSU in the retail channel under their own brand, but at least in the USA their products are known thanks to Kingwin.

Let’s now take a brief look at the STR-500. Besides the Platinum efficiency and the 500W max capacity, the PSU can be overclocked to 600 W, dropping its efficiency to Gold level but providing higher Wattage. Not bad at all! Also it uses a semi-modular cabling system and on its top side, where the fan usually resides, a very large heatsink has been placed. This heatsink takes care of the heat that the unit produces. Finally, all the sides of the PSU have ventilation holes in order to increase heat dissipation. This technique is common in all fanless PSUs.

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