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LEPA G700-MA 700 W Review

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We would like to thank LEPA for supplying the review sample.

Some of you may have never heard the brand name LEPA before. According to their website, they are a brand of Ecomaster, which is closely affiliated with Enermax. For example, Ecomaster is the US distributor of Enermax. This also explains why we have seen some of Enermax's top performing power supply platforms used in LEPA products, at lower prices than from Enermax directly. But Enermax had its purpose. They simply wanted to establish a good name for LEPA in beginning, even if they had to sacrifice a percentage of their sales from the Modu87+ series units. Afterwards they would push the low-middle range units under the LEPA brand and the high-end PSUs would still be available from Enermax.
As time passed, the afore mentioned scenario played out and while at the beginning of its release the LEPA G700-MA was sold at a way lower price compared to the identical Enermax MODU87+ EMG700AWT now both cost exactly the same on Newegg (excluding the mail in rebates).

As we already mentioned, today we will have the chance to take a detailed look at the LEPA G700-MA. This unit boasts 80 PLUS Gold efficiency, has a semi-modular design and is equipped with a full set of protections for ultimate piece of mind. On top of that the G700-MA is backed by a five year warranty and while its price at the time of the review was a little high, for its capacity, at $149.99, a mail in rebate drops it to only $99.99, making it a pretty good deal for a Gold efficiency modular 700W unit. A $50 mail in rebate for sure is note worthy!

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