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LEPA MaxPlatinum Series 1700 W Review

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We would like to thank LEPA for supplying the review sample.

LEPA was inaugurated into the PSU market with Enermax's help some time ago, as the company offered Enermax platforms at much lower prices. LEPA is currently also working with CWT and Yue-Lin Electrical Technology to offer a pretty rich product portfolio that includes PSUs, cases, CPU coolers, fans, bluetooth speakers, and peripheral devices. The company's top PSU series is the MaxPlatinum one consisting of three members with capacities of 1050 W, 1375 W and 1700 W. In this review, we will evaluate the strongest member of the line. Its huge capacity only makes it compatible with 230 VAC input because 115 VAC can't provide enough juice.

The P1700-MA, contrary to most high-capacity units nowadays, has six +12V rails. Many will argue that this is the proper way to build a strong PSU, but there are also those who prefer single +12V rail PSUs. We believe that multiple +12V rails are safest, but the power distribution among them must be implemented properly or it could spell trouble. All PSUs should ideally have two modes of operation, one in multi- and another in single-rail mode, which would let users pick whichever mode suits their needs best.

This unit can put out an amazing 141 A on its +12V rails and is fully modular, all while compact enough for a PSU with such a high capacity. It is based on the same platform Enermax uses in their Platimax units, so we expect good performance levels, and the Japanese capacitors LEPA equipped it with won't degrade as quickly as other capacitors.
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