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Lian Li PC-C30A Review

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A big thanks goes out to Hampton Technologies who supplied the review sample for this article. The Lian Li PC-C30A can be purchased at

Since 1983 Lian-Li has been producing some of the finest aluminum enclosures on the market. These enclosures range from home user to media PC right down to server level enclosures. Their R&D team strives to ensure their products are of the highest quality and perform just as they were designed to. The PC-30A is Lian Li's newest Desktop/HTPC case that is designed to fit in aesthetically with today’s media components. The PC-30A comes in either silver or black and has optional components available like I-Mon media controller and multi card reader.


Model # PC-C30A
Manufacturer:Lian Li
Dimensions:435 x 167 x 443mm (W.H.D)
Fans2x 80mm Quiet
M/B type: ATX 12X9.6 inch
Devices:2 x3.5 int, 1x 3.5 ext, 2x 5.25 ext
Front Panel:2x USB2.0 1 IEEE Audio I/O
Slots:7x PCI slot


The PC30-30A is shipped in a heavy cardboard package to prevent damage; the outside has the specifications and images of the case. With a package this size it is hard to believe it weighs in at less than 15lbs. The top of the box has an easy carry handle for transporting.

Inside you will find the case nestled between thick foam supports and wrapped in a heavy protective plastic. All the supplied accessories are shipped in a box inside the case itself and secured to the drive cage so as not to lose anything. There are the usual stand offs and mounting screws as well as special long shank screws that secure the supplied rubber bushings to the HDD which I will show more detail of during installation. There are some zip ties and a wire guide as well included along with the installation and product sheet.
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