Lian Li PC-Q11 Mini-ITX Review 17

Lian Li PC-Q11 Mini-ITX Review

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The small case ships in a very compact cardboard box in the traditional Lian Li design. Both larger panels have an image of the Q11 itself in combination with a few highlights. It looks like the package is marked properly after packaging, so that the potential buyer always knows which color is inside. Turning the box and taking a look at the sides - both of which are identical once again - the four color possibilities are shown, along with a list of detailed specifications. Lian Li has chosen to use Styrofoam spacers to hold the case in place and has placed the Q11 in a heavy duty plastic bag for further protection.


You will receive all the screws sorted into different bags, along with a PCI slot cover to allow the routing of the internal USB 3.0 cables out the back of the mainboard. For those who want to use USB 2.0, an adapter to connect the two leads to a standard mainboard header is also part of the package. A single sheet manual and another with an overview of what is currently available from Lian Li can be found within the plastic bag of the chassis.
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