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Mistel Q75 Keyboard Review

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Mistel is clearly on a revamp of its keyboard product lineup, especially with its in-house keycap manufacturing facility now up and running in Taiwan. We saw the first fruits of this effort in the form of the X-VIII (108) full-size keyboard that came in a few different available color and keycap combinations. That was also Mistel's largest keyboard to date, especially for a company that has made a mark with smaller form factor keyboards—be it split or otherwise. We see a continuation of the same today with another smaller unit, although again one that is new to Mistel in the form of a non-split, 75% keyboard.

There is no ambiguity in naming this time, with the Mistel Q75 not hiding much about what it is all about. It is an 83-key unit in the US ANSI layout, which some would say is an 80% keyboard, but the 75% form factor is more apt based on just how many more companies adopt it. We get a truncated TKL experience here thus, with a single bank of keys providing 83 keys instead of the 87 that come with the tenkeyless option. Of course this being Mistel, a Pn key is used for programming layers. There is also hybrid wired/2.4 GHz wireless connectivity here—a first for Mistel—and two keycap sets to choose from. Seen above is the "Gloaming" option, which is separate from the one I have that we will get into in more detail in this review, starting with a look at the product specifications in the table below. Thanks to Mistel for providing TechPowerUp a review sample!


Mistel Q75 Keyboard
Layout:83-key 75% form factor in a US ANSI layout, other languages supported based on region
Material:ABS plastic case, PBT plastic keycaps, and steel plate
Macro Support:Yes
Weight:0.76 kg/1.66 lbs.
Wrist Rest:Yes
Anti-ghosting:Full N-Key rollover USB and 2.4 GHz
Media Keys:Available as a layered function
Dimensions:121 (L) x 311 (W) x 40 (H) mm
Cable Length:6 ft/1.8 m
Switch Type:Choice of Cherry MX Red, Brown, Blue, Black, Silent Red, Clear, or Speed (Silver) mechanical switch
Interface:USB or 2.4 GHz wireless
Warranty:One year
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