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Mistel Q75 Keyboard Review

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Mistel always has a new product design for each of its keyboards, which is again the case with the Q75 in bold blue and orange colors. I am a touch confused about the branding since I am not aware of the company being called Barocco Mistel, and this is not part of the Barocco series, either. Regardless, the product name is on the front, and I like the wireless symbol used to indicate the hybrid connectivity feature on offer here. The product specifications are on the back with some more marketing features in addition to QR codes that lead you to the company website and support. It is on the side that we find more specific information about the keyboard, including the exact SKU inside. A double flap in the middle and two side flaps keep the contents in place in transit.

Opening the box, we see the keyboard enclosed not only inside a wax wrap to keep it free of dust, but also underneath a molded plastic hard cover that adds further protection during shipping. It can also be used as a dust cover for the keyboard. There is more cardboard all around to isolate the keyboard from other accessories, although the manual is seen underneath. The manual which comes in both English and Mandarin can be downloaded from the Mistel support page and is detailed enough. The other accessories are underneath cardboard layers at the top. Mistel provides a set of two AAA batteries in addition to a detachable black male USB Type-A to male USB Type-C cable, which points towards the Type-C connectivity on the keyboard. There is also an orange plastic ring-style keycap puller, although its other end terminates in a more intricate design that makes this fairly unique aesthetically. Practically, however, it can still scratch the sides of keycaps when used, so I would have rather seen a metal wire keycap puller as with basically every other Mistel keyboard before. There is also a plastic dongle cap that will come in handy soon enough.

In a first for Mistel, we get a wrist rest with the Q75. I was expecting perhaps some replacement keycaps to better show off the company's new keycap molds, but this will do, too. It's not a fancy accessory by any means, and I was left surprised by how lightweight it is. There is medium density foam inside the wrist rest, which is otherwise all black and barren of branding. The underside has a matte, textured surface to prevent it from sliding around on your desk.
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