MSI GE63VR 7RF Raider (GTX 1070) Review 3

MSI GE63VR 7RF Raider (GTX 1070) Review

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Packaging and Contents

The box the MSI GE63VR Raider ships in is decorated with a huge mechanical dragon. It certainly feels like an MSI product just by looking at the box. The back details various features and inclusions, such as cooler boost, a 120 Hz display, Steelseries RGB keyboard, and more. It offers decent protection and does what a box should do.

Upon opening the box, users will find the laptop inside a black cloth bag with a few pieces of PR material detailing some of the laptop's features. User guides, warranty leaflet, charger, and power cable are all inside separate compartments or underneath the unit itself.

When it comes to the bundle, you could call it perfect. After all, it does contain everything needed to get the system up and running.
  • Laptop
  • User guides
  • Warranty info
  • Support contact info
  • Battery charger
  • HDD screws
  • HDD bracket
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