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MSI Radeon HD 7870 HAWK 2 GB Review

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Last month AMD launched their Radeon HD 7800 Series. The GPU, Pitcairn, is a downscale from the HD 7900 "Tahiti" silicon, which introduced AMD's new Graphics Core Next architecture. Targeting a wide price-range between $250-$350, the HD 7800 series falls into the market-segment both AMD and NVIDIA have known to refer to as the "sweetspot" segment. Apart from 1280 stream processors, Pitcairn has 80 Texture Memory Units (TMUs), 32 ROPs (Raster Operations), and a 256-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface, holding 2 GB of memory.

The MSI Radeon HD 7870 HAWK is the MSI Lightning's smaller brother. It uses the company's signature Twin Frozr II dual-fan cooler. MSI has also increased the clock speeds of the HD 7870 HAWK to 1100 MHz GPU and 1200 MHz memory.

MSI HD 7870 HAWK Market Segment Analysis
GTX 560 Ti
HD 6950
GTX 570
HD 6970
HD 7850
HD 7870
MSI Radeon
HD 7870 HAWK
GTX 580
HD 7950
Shader Units384140848015361024128012805121792 
Graphics ProcessorGF114CaymanGF110CaymanPitcairnPitcairnPitcairnGF110Tahiti 
Memory Size1024 MB2048 MB1280 MB2048 MB2048 MB2048 MB2048 MB1536 MB3072 MB 
Memory Bus Width256 bit256 bit320 bit256 bit256 bit256 bit256 bit384 bit384 bit 
Core Clock823 MHz800 MHz732 MHz880 MHz860 MHz1000 MHz1100 MHz772 MHz800 MHz 
Memory Clock1002 MHz1250 MHz950 MHz1375 MHz1200 MHz1200 MHz1200 MHz1002 MHz1250 MHz 
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