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Netgear Arlo Security System Review

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We would like to thank Netgear for supplying the review sample.

I am sure anyone would want to avoid leaving their home or business unprotected, but not everyone has the money to pay a security company, so most opt for a security kit that can be installed without an expert. The truth is that the fewer cables someone has to deal with, the easier the installation, and a wireless security system means you won't have to drill any holes into your walls, which leads to less complaints from the housewife (or landlord). IP cameras are also becoming more affordable should one want to buy one or two to cover key areas of the home. Yet monitoring an area without having the option to store recordings is pretty useless, and the SD card slots some IP cameras feature aren't enough since SD cards in those are prone to theft (a thief can easily remove and destroy the SD card to leave you without any clues). If you have a NAS with a surveillance application, you can use it to store the recordings and control the cameras over the net, but most NAS servers only come with one camera license, so you would have to buy additional licenses, which is money out of your pocket. Wouldn't it, as such, be cool, especially for novice users, if there were a kit with all the essentials, one you didn't have to wire up to power its cameras? One with cloud features and great image quality in the dark? Well, Netgear apparently took all the above to heart and released the Arlo solution we will evaluate in this review.

Two years ago, Netgear acquired a company named Avaak. The company produced an indigestible diagnostic pill that could send video like that of a wireless camera. Avaak also introduced us to a small wireless security camera called the Vue. Those cameras evolved into the VueZone system. Today, Netgear is announcing their Arlo Smart Home Security System. With configurations that can include up to three bases, support for up to fifteen cameras, all while wireless, the Arlo looks like a winner already.

You will find the technical specifications of the Arlo Smart Home Security System below:
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