Origen AE S21T HTPC Enclosure Review 9

Origen AE S21T HTPC Enclosure Review

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Origen AE has created a full color package to show off the case in all its beauty. The two main sides simply show the enclosure with the display at the two different positions. As you can see the package has a huge rip and is dent quite badly. Seems like the carrier - I won't mention names here - managed to soak the brown outer package (not pictured) and the retail package, then continued to rip through both of these during delivery.

You will find the specifications of the S21T on one of the shorter sides of the package, while the other lists the features in short.

The first thing you see when opening (besides the wet spot) is the instructions manual. Origen AE has placed it in the middle of the massive Styrofoam spacer. This is supposed to remind you to read the manual before diving into assembly. The afore mentioned Styrofoam spacers cover almost the entire case, which is something you should expect for the price tag.


The first thing out of the ordinary - and certainly not the last such item - are gloves. Origen AE includes these right under the manual in the center of the Styrofoam spacer. The case takes fingerprints easily and these gloves should avoid such problems.

Inside the case, you will find a white cardboard box. It is not even very large, but holds a lot of different parts and contents.

The box holds two different remotes, the first is a Media Center remote for Windows, while the second, much smaller lets you control the LCD to turn it on or off. The batteries for the large remote are quality parts from Philips. There are two IR receivers included, one for each unit.

Another surprise are the 10 SATA cables and four Molex to SATA adapters. There are two such cables with three SATA power connectors and two with only two SATA power plugs, adding up to a total of 10. A bag of screws also holds the aluminum optical drive bay cover. Notice the sticker inside the bag? Those are BluRay or HD-DVD logos, so Origen AE suggests that you should place on of these inside the enclosure. Considering the retail price of over 900€, a BluRay or HD-DVD drive should be a small buy, but a normal DVD drive will fit into the S21T as well.
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