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OrigenAE T12 Touch Screen Review

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The OrigenAE T12 ships in a very compact, full color package. It has a white, plastic handle up top, so you can easily carry it home from the place of purchase. The two wide sides only show the T12 from various angles, while the slim end holds all the information and specifications of the device. While this may be inadequate for mainstream products, if you are buying the OrigenAE T12, you will surely know what you are getting.

The unit it protected by two very thick foam spacers. The material has the advantage, that it returns to its original state after taking a hit. Styrofoam would just crack and crumble. A thin plastic bag and a sturdy plastic cover protect the screen from further damage.


Within the package you will not only find the display, but a cleaning cloth, a manual and a driver & application CD. Considering this is a touch screen, the cloth will certainly come in handy.

OrigenAE has constructed a thick umbilical cord to connect the T12 to your HTPC. I still got the 8.5 mm version, but current T12s ship with a slightly thinner, 7.5 mm cable instead. This means that a single cable is used to enable all functions of the display, but most importantly, it also powers the T12, so you will not need a seperate power cord. Taking a closer look, it seems that the cable has the same connector as a standard HDMI cable. While you may wonder if you could not simply use a HDMI cable instead of the thick umbilical cord, this is not possible, as the internals are completely different. In additon to the 5 m long umbilical cord, there is a short VGA cable to pass the signal to the iBOB

The iBOB, as OrigenAE calls it, is a small PCB which combines all the functions of the touch screen and feeds the information to the umbilical cord. These functions are USB 2.0, VGA, touch functionality & IR data. It draws the power through a Molex connector or an optional, external power supply.
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