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OrigenAE T12 Touch Screen Review

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I would like to thank OrigenAE for being so kind to supply the review sample.

About OrigenAE

OrigenAE was established in the year 2001. You may think to yourself, why you have not heard from the brand before recently. Turns out that the company was named Uneed International and was re-branded to the much nicer name of OrigenAE Technology in 2005.

The new company entered the market with a bang. When the first images of the S21T surfaced on the interweb everyone was asking "wow, who is this?". The company has managed to expand their case line-up considerably since the launch and is now also offering the same display found in the S21T as a seperate, external unit - called the T12.

OrigenAE T12 Touch Screen

The T12 touch screen is - as the name implies - an LCD monitor, which features a pressure sensitive display. It is intended to be used in your living room in combination with your HTPC. Instead of having a small screen within your case, you can now opt for a smaller enclosure and connect the T12 with a single cable to the computer. Once again a very unique product from OrigenAE.

  • all aluminium construction
  • 1920x1080 TFT resolution support
  • black and silver sandblast finish
  • IR extender (for IR211 & IR221)
  • integrated USB HUB with 2 ports
  • singal cable connection
  • optional wall mount
  • optional 10M Extension cable
  • compatiable with windows, osx and linux
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