PC Power & Cooling Silencer MK III 750 W Review 11

PC Power & Cooling Silencer MK III 750 W Review

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We would like to thank PC Power & Cooling for supplying the review sample.

Most users who know a thing or two about PSUs are familiar with the name PC Power & Cooling. A highly respectable company in the field, it has also been a part of the OCZ Corporation for several years now. The MK3 series surely was a significant milestone for PC P&C, as they abandoned strong beliefs contrary to top-mounted fans and modular cables for the first time with these units. Thankfully, they reconsidered and moved on to exploit new approaches, offering even higher-quality products that meet contemporary demands. It is, after all, a common truth that front-mounted fans struggle to efficiently move hot air out of a PSU, since their diameter cannot exceed 80 mm, which often produces a lot of noise, and, yes, non-modular cables are so '00.

So far, the Silencer MK3 series consisted of four units: one high-end PSU with 1200 W capacity and Platinum efficiency, and three mainstream ones with 400 – 600 W maximum power and Bronze efficiency. The gap between the Silencer MK3 1200 W flagship and the other three units of the series was huge, and PC P&C did something about it with the release of the 750 W and 850 W Silencer MK3 units featuring Gold efficiency. The aforementioned PSUs look like the perfect choice for someone who wants a medium capacity, high-quality unit that carries PC P&C’s logo. In this review, we will rigorously test the Silencer MK3 750 W or MK3S750.

The MK3S750 uses, in a snap, a semi-modular cabling design with cables that utilize heavy-duty connectors, is equipped with a switch for the selection of either normal or hybrid operation (where the fan isn’t engaged at low loads), and has a white-colored case, which will make it highly desirable amongst users that own or intend to buy a white chassis.

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