Phanteks Glacier 1080 GPU Waterblock Review 17

Phanteks Glacier 1080 GPU Waterblock Review

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Phanteks started off in 2007 and is relatively new to the market. It is amazing to me what they have achieved within the past decade, becoming a forefront brand for cases in particular. They started out with CPU coolers, and it took another nine years before they ventured into custom liquid cooling. Today, we take a look at their first GPU waterblock - the Glacier GTX 1080 Founders Edition block. Thanks to Phanteks for providing a review sample.

The Glacier GTX 1080 Founders Edition is a full-cover GPU block in that it makes contact with and cools the GPU core, VRMs, and VRAM. Core-only GPU blocks, while practical in that they can be transferred over to newer GPUs, have not been even remotely as popular as the full cover ones owing to aesthetics, and it is good to see Phanteks going this route also. They have done a lot of things right for what is essentially a new product line entirely, so let us begin with a look at the specs below.


Phanteks Glacier GTX 1080 Founders Edition GPU Waterblock
Top:Acrylic top with aluminum side covers
Cold plate:Nickel-plated copper
GPU compatibility:NVIDIA GTX 1080 Founders Edition or other GTX 1080 reference PCB GPUs
Dimensions:262 (L) x 164 (W) x 22 (H) mm
Ports:Four, BSP G1/4" threaded
Warranty:5 years
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