PQI Tiffy USB 3.0 32 GB Review 0

PQI Tiffy USB 3.0 32 GB Review


I would like to thank PQI for supplying the review sample.

Kingston made a big splash with their SE9 and GE9 flash drives back when USB 2.0 was still hip and cool. However, with the new interface, PQI is currently one of the few companies out there that can provide a flash drive of the same dimensions with a USB 3.0 interface. On top of that, the Tiffy drive is not only faster, but can also be bought in higher capacities.


PQI has packaged the Tiffy flash drive within a compact cardboard box. The front has nothing but the PQI logo, the name of the flash drive, and the capacity of the particular stick within. The rear has a sticker with serial and model numbers. You will find a little booklet with an actual image of the drive and further information tugged away inside the box. From a marketing standpoint, the package is less than ideal as many won't find the booklet and there is no image of the drive anywhere on the box itself. Other drives also come with the exact same box in a slightly different color, which can further confuse the potential customer.

A Closer Look

The PQI Tiffy drive is constructed of metal and has the brand's logo laser-edged into the front of the flash drive. Turning it around, the rear holds information - again laser-edged into the enclosure - about the interface and the flash drive's capacity.

You will also find the serial number edged into the side of the stick - the only place where such a number would fit.

PQI has constructed the drive in a way that makes the stick itself the connector. As this is a USB 3.0 device, the interior plastic is of the signature blue color. In the rear, you will find a large opening for attaching the drive to your key chain, for example. While the construction quality is quite good, there are a few blemishes here and there. The hole for the activity LED has, for example, not been cleaned after drilling.

In terms of size, the PQI Tiffy has the exact same dimensions as the Kingston SE9. The unit is not the most compact USB 3.0 device out there, but it is still rather small - the perfect size for your key chain.

Another big upside to the Kingston USB 2.0 variants is the built-in LED. It lights up blue when data is moving back and forth.
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