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QNAP TS-509 Pro Review

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While the previous products QNAP offered basically kept increasing storage capacity by adding more drive bays, the TS-509 Pro actually offers a serious hardware upgrade.
Upgrading the CPU to a 1.6 GHz Celeron backed by 1 GB of DDR2 RAM should prove to increase performance, as previous models were bottlenecked by the low-power but relatively slow ARM CPU.


Some of the features, as QNAP advertises them.
  • Advanced RAID redundancy with expandability and upgradeability
  • Easy setup, low-cost maintenance
  • Superior Performance
  • Touch-N-Go PC-less Installation
  • Schedule Power on/ off
  • Wake on LAN
  • Dual Gigabit LAN Ports for More Deployment Options
  • Complete Backup Solutions
  • Ease of User and Share Folder Management
  • Software expansion via QPKG Center


Application:5x3.5" SATA HD, up to 5 USB devices, 1x eSATA
Dimensions:261 x 188 x 261 mm (H x W x D)
Interface:2x Gigabit Ethernet
Power supply:ATX 250W, Input: 100-264 Vac~, 46-63Hz, 5A
Supported filesystems:FAT, FAT32, EXT3, NTFS (read only)
Hardware specifications:CPU: Celeron 420 @ 1.6 GHz
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