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Raijintek Orcus 240 Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • The Raijintek Orcus 240 has an MSRP of $109.99.
  • Good performance
  • Fairly quiet
  • Exceptional clearance
  • Easy to install
  • Good build quality
  • Unique design
  • RGB LED hub included
  • Extra features over performance
  • Remote is easily misplaced
  • RGB results in extra wires
  • Short warranty
Compared to their first all-in-one liquid cooler, the Triton, Raijintek has taken a huge step forward with the Orcus 240. The Orcus 240 continues the trend of unique design elements, but offers a much better package overall. Performance is good, not great, but just ever so slightly behind the Fractal Design S24 while being a touch quieter overall. This makes the Orcus 240 a compelling offering for those looking for a good balance of performance and noise from a liquid cooler with RGB functionality. Unlike some competitors, the Orcus 240 is capable of offering RGB LED functionality without software or motherboard RGB headers. While it can in fact be used that way, Raijintek has included an RGB hub that responds to both motherboard and remote control, which makes this all-in-one liquid cooler the most adaptable when it comes to RGB functionality.

An easy installation, like most liquid coolers, makes this an easy cooler to work with, while the above average build quality and exceptional clearance means the unit should not exhibit any issues either. The pump being situated on the tubing itself is a huge departure from other designs focusing on a pump and CPU block or pump and radiator combination, making the Orcus 240 a unique product that definitely stands out from Asetek-based units on offer currently. In fact, it's the only all-in-one liquid cooler I am aware of that features a built-in coolant flow meter. While not all that useful, it's still a nice inclusion that sets it apart from the competition. Overall, the Orcus 240 doesn't really shine in any particular category, but as far as current market trends go, it's a jack of all trades and master of none.

That said, I did notice a few shortcomings. First and foremost, the Orcus 240 from Raijintek is more about looks and features than performance, which is not a huge problem considering everything you get, but the fact that other units perform better or offer a cleaner appearance remains. The Aerocool P7-L240, for example, offers better performance and lower noise with similar RGB LED capabilities; however, it is also more expensive.

The RGB remote control, while a great inclusion, is easy to lose. I can say so since my fat cat decided it would be good to steal and run off with. I would like to see a magnet added in future revisions for the remote to be attached to cases similar to the way the LEPA NEOllusion handles it. As is becoming a trend with RGB fans and pumps and extras, an increase in wires is becoming more apparent. For most, it's not an issue as fan cables are easy to hide; however, the pump being situated on the tubing makes hiding that wire a bit more difficult. In the future, having that wire hidden by the sleeving on the tubing would be a nice improvement.

Finally, the two year warranty feels lacking. Three years should really be the minimum at this point considering Corsair, EVGA, NZXT, and Fractal Design all offer five years or more. A good warranty is never something to be taken lightly as it shows a customer that the manufacturer is willing to stand behind the product in the long term. That said, two years is still better than a few manufacturers that have stayed in the stone age with a one-year warranty on their liquid coolers.

My only other thoughts come down to the fact that the Raijintek Orcus 240 is a jack of all trades. The Aerocool P7-L240 offers lower noise output and better cooling performance with similar RGB functionality; granted, it does so at a much higher price if your motherboard doesn't have an RGB header. In Raijintek's defense, they include an RGB hub, which makes it a far more affordable and complete solution as a package since the RGB functionality will work with any system. Meanwhile, Fractal Design, while ever so slightly louder, offers slightly better performance with far less cable clutter because of its built-in fan control hub on the radiator; it, however, lacks RGB.

Essentially, the Raijintek Orcus 240 is different; it has much of what the competition offers at a more compelling price, but generally lacks the same level of polish. This is certainly not a bad thing as the Orcus 240 is a ready-to-go, fully functional package in the RGB LED age. While I may sound harsh on Raijintek, it's only so because the market for these liquid coolers is becoming increasingly crowded. I will, however, give Raijintek credit: they have taken the typical all-in-one liquid cooler design and made some drastically different design choices. It's always nice to see a different approach. However, it's now time for them to refine and improve it as all the pieces are there - it just needs a bit of fine-tuning.

When it comes to all-in-one liquid coolers, those looking for RGB LED functionality for any system and good performance and noise characteristics should look no further than the Raijintek Orcus 240.
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