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Raijintek Triton Review



From the Raijintek website:
With the aim of designing high-end products for Lifestyle, Computer, and Day-to-Day usage, RAIJINTEK was established in 2013 to accomplish the future of IT and Lifestyle products.

This task and aim allows us to grow into a global brand. Not only do we provide highly recommended IT products, but we also have Gaming Gear, like Chassis and PSUs, and Lifestyle products for smartphones and all your tablet PCs. Fully dedicated to developing the best products for global users, RAIJINTEK's R&D team never forgets the aim to provide a user-friendly and well-performing product. With decades of experience in the industry, RAIJINTEK management would also never jeopardize the high service- and product quality our customers deserve.

Raijintek has only been around for a short time, but has already made a name for itself with quality products that break the mold when it comes to how much bang you get for your buck. Founded in 2013, the company expanded from having no more than three available CPU coolers during its initial launch to what is now a wide range of different products. From fans and on to all-in-one liquid-, CPU-, and GPU coolers, Raijintek has slowly been carving out their own place in the PC cooling market. No longer content to just offer entry and mid-range coolers, Raijintek is now also pushing into the enthusiast market while still maintaining their user friendly, value-centric approach. Having reviewed more than a few Raijintek coolers thus far, I am also keen to see what else the company manages to come up with in the future.

In today's review, I take a good look at the Raijintek Triton, a new expandable all-in-one liquid cooler. It sticks to the tried-and-true 240 mm radiator design, but uses a unique pump/block/acrylic reservoir design. With a price tag of just $99.99 and good expandability options, the Triton might just shock the competition with its solid one-two punch so long as its performance lives up to its specs.

SOCKET SUPPORT:Intel: LGA775, LGA1150, LGA1155, LGA1156, LGA1366, LGA2011,
AMD: AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, FM1, FM2, FM2+
CPU BLOCK:Material: Nickel-plated Copper
PUMP:Model: Unavailable
Speed: 3000 RPM @ 12v
RADIATOR:Dimensions: 275 mm x 120 mm x 32 mm
Material: Aluminum
FANS:Model: A1225S12S
Dimensions: 120 mm x 120 mm x 25 mm
Fan Speed: 1000 - 2600 RPM (Manual speed control)
Fan Airflow: 38.8 - 100.4
Fan Noise: 21.6 - 36.6 dBA
FEATURES:All-In-One liquid CPU cooler with new PUMP, Water block and Tank design
Expandable and Customizable
PUMP with high Q-max (120 L/H) and Low noise level (20 dBA)
350ml high capacity coolants pre-filled and re-fill design
3 bottles of different color coolant attached for user choosing
2pcs LED lights inside the tank
WARRANTY:Two years

Packaging and Contents

At 42 cm in length, 17.1 cm in width, and 13.3 cm in height, the Raijintek Triton's box is rather large. On its front is an image of the Triton, a laundry list of features, and a list of all supported CPU sockets. The left side details the unit's specification and again lists all supported CPU sockets. The back of the box is, again, covered with an image of the cooler, the same list of features, and all supported CPU sockets. The right side shows the Triton, its LEDs on and red-dyed coolant inside.

A few paragraphs on top detail how the Triton cooler was constructed while explaining some of its features. The bottom covers all available iterations of the Triton. There are the Triton Core with no fans, the Triton unit I have here, which allows for clear, red, blue, or green coolant, and the three plug-and-play versions where the coolant has been pre-applied.


Upon opening the box, you will be greeted by an AIO cooler inside a cardboard tray. A single piece of foam is used to protect the block/pump/acrylic tank. The rest of the parts are wrapped in plastic. The packaging is rather lackluster and does not offer the protection it should. However, Raijintek is in the process of improving the packaging in order to provide the cooler with better protection. That said, my unit did arrive in one piece and with no visible signs of damage.

The Raijintek Triton supports every modern socket and a few archaic ones with nothing but a single universal mounting system, which is a pleasant surprise. As expected, everything you will need has been provided, even a brush to spread the thermal paste.

Common parts supplied for mounting include:
  • 8x M3 x 30 mm radiator fan screws
  • 8x M3 x 6 mm short radiator screws
  • 4x Metal nuts
  • 4x M4 x 6 mm screws
  • 4x M4 x 13 mm screws
  • 4x Plastic washer
  • 3x Bottles of dye
  • 2x 120 mm fans
  • 1x Mounting plate
  • 1x Backplate
  • 1x Pre-filled liquid cooler
  • 1x User's manual
  • 1x Brush
  • 1x Tube thermal paste
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