ROCCAT Kone Pure Ultra Review 3

ROCCAT Kone Pure Ultra Review

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Packaging, Weight, Cable and Feet


The packaging looks a fair bit different compared to older ROCCAT releases, which is a good thing in my book. It's also great to see ROCCAT having adapted Logitech's style of wrapping the cable around the plastic tray. Along with the mouse itself one can find a quick start guide in the box. The mouse sits safely in a plastic tray.


My scale shows around 68 g (+/- 1 g) with a bit of cable, which is an excellent result. ROCCAT cites a weight of 66 g without the cable, which seems accurate given this result.


The Kone Pure Ultra features a standard rubber cable. I'd rate its flexibility as average (comparable to the Endgame Gear XM1), which is decent but hardly anything to write home about and a bit disappointing when looking at the competition. The length is 1.8 m (measured).


The feet on the Kone Pure Ultra are standard black-dyed PTFE (Teflon) feet with rounded edges. They may look regular, but the glide is excellent. There are two big feet as well as a ring around the sensor, although that one is merely for decorative purposes.
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