ROCCAT Sova MK Review 11

ROCCAT Sova MK Review

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Packaging and Accessories

Given how large the product is compared to a keyboard, Roccat took extra precautions in shipping the Sova MK in that they added a cardboard box in addition to the product packaging. So expect to see your retailer's packaging, this cardboard box we see in the first image above, and the actual product box inside. This latter box has a plastic sleeve over it to keep it free of dust, and removing it, we see Roccat's black and blue color scheme employed to full freedom here. It is also a lot more colorful with a tagline and illustration of the product in use on the front, with marketing and tech specs in multiple languages adoring the back and sides.

There are multiple seals on the sides, and a double flap in the middle also adds to the excellent packaging here that ensures the contents inside are held in place. Opening the box, we see the Sova MK right away with its cable attached and in the cardboard cutout compartment above. Accessories are under the Sova MK or alongside the cable compartment in another cutout.

Inside a sealed plastic pouch is a quick-installation guide and a disposal information manual. I do recommend going through the former since it does a good job of quickly summarizing how to get everything up and running, but having the keyboard pre-installed means things are a lot easier and quicker to get up and running here vs., say, the Corsair LAPDOG. Also provided is a plastic mouse bungee attachment that clips to the Sova, and we will go through it in use on the next page.

Before we head over to a closer examination of the Sova MK, I wanted to point out that the cable for the Sova MK is removable, although I am not sure why. A small extension on the keyboard ends in a PS/2 adapter, and the longer cable is a male PS/2 to male USB connector. Roccat has this cable attached out of the box already, so leave it be.
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