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Rosewill Capstone Modular 1000 W Review

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We would like to thank Rosewill for supplying the review sample.

Newegg’s home-brand is Rosewill, and the company has enrolled into various market segments of which the most significant are PSUs, cases, and mechanical keyboards. They were also wise enough to team up with Super Flower for PSUs, one of the best OEMs today, so their offerings in this area are very good, which allows them to meet the tough competition eye to eye in most cases. Rosewill products naturally enjoy Newegg’s support and are widely available in the US, but Newegg doesn't have a presence in Europe or Asia just yet. This will hopefully change in the near future, once they decide that it is nigh time to expand into other regions.

Today’s menu consists of Rosewill’s flagship Capstone modular series unit with 1 kW capacity and 80 Plus Gold-certified efficiency. The unit is based on an older Super Flower platform, which, however, still delivers good performance for today's standards, and, most importantly, allows Rosewill to sell this unit for a very good price. Thanks to its six PCIe connectors, the large Capstone unit will easily power a three-way SLI or Crossfire system, and its resilience to high operating temperatures over prolonged periods of time and with the full load (up to 50 °C) proves that quality components are used in its construction. Rosewill obviously also has a lot of faith in the platform since they guarantee it to operate properly for seven years, providing a one-to-one replacement policy should anything go wrong. But enough with the long prologue, lets check on the unit's specifications.

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