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Rosewill Capstone Modular 750 W Review

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We would like to thank Rosewill for supplying the review sample.

Rosewill is the house brand of Newegg, probably the largest online store worldwide, so they feature a pretty rich catalog of products which includes even Power Supply Units. Usually in-house brands, at least as far as PSUs are concerned, are considered of low quality and performance, but apparently Rosewill is an exception since they co-operate closely with Super Flower, which is one of the best OEMs.

The new modular Capstone units are available in four capacities: 450W, 550W, 650W and 750W. All are 80 Plus Gold certified, ErP Lot 6 2010 (or EuP) ready, feature a silent double ball bearings 140mm fan and also use exclusively Japanese capacitors. Moreover they have a single +12V rail which can deliver almost the full power of the corresponding unit in all cases, so even the smallest one, the 450W model, can output 37A at +12V, a power level that will suffice for a mainstream system.

In today's review we will fully evaluate the strongest modular Capstone which has 750W capacity and a 62A +12V rail. This unit can support up to two high-end VGAs with its four PCIe connectors and it is also equipped with two EPS connectors so it can feed server mainboards with more than one processor. Finally, Rosewill provides a hefty five year warranty along with all Modular Capstones, so the future buyer will enjoy a long peace of mind.

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