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Rosewill SilentNight 500 W Review

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We would like to thank Rosewill for supplying the review sample.

Rosewill, for those who are not aware, is Newegg’s (one of the largest online stores for PC parts on the planet) house brand. Although house brands usually offer affordable and, most of the time, lower quality products, Rosewill chose a different path for their power products, and they have, in our opinion, made the right choice. Their new PSU lines are Tachyon (we have evaluated the Tachyon 1000 W a while ago and were left quite satisfied) and SilentNight, which reminds us of Christmas, although Christmas (at least for 2012) has already passed. Members of both of the above series are made by Super Flower: OEM and producer of high quality products that meet the strong competition from Delta, Flextronics, and Seasonic eye to eye. The SilentNight-500 is essentially a rebadge of the Super Flower Golden Silent 500 W unit we already reviewed in the past with our old setup, and we are very curious to check on the performance of this platform with our new, shiny Chroma loads that offer far more accurate results.

The SilentNight-500 is a passive PSU, which means that it isn't equipped with a cooling fan in order to keep its output noise as low as possible. It is, furthermore, 80 Plus Platinum certified, has a single +12V rail that can deliver the unit’s full power by itself, and comes with a semi-modular cabling design. One of its key features are its four PCIe connectors. The competition (Seasonic) only offers two with their fanless units. This means that you can hook two high-end VGAs up to the SilenNight 500 W without running out of power.

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