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Rosewill Tachyon 1000 W Review

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We would like to thank Rosewill for supplying the review sample.

Rosewill is not new to the Platinum-efficiency club since they already have a high efficiency series with their Fortress line-up; however, that series only includes PSUs of low to medium capacity without a modular cabling design in an attempt to keep it affordable and to attract the budget-oriented user without a vested interest in such features. Nevertheless, most users nowadays highly prefer modular PSUs to non-modular ones, which gave Rosewill additional incentive to include a high-end PSU in their offerings. So they co-operated with Super Flower to present the Tachyon series which does, in essence, consist of rebadged Super Flower Golden King PSUs. We have already reviewed many Platinum Super Flower PSUs in the past, so we are aware of their top performance, but this will be the first time that their high-end platform confronts our Chroma loaders.

The test subject of today's review will be a Tachyon with 1000 W capacity, which is the flagship model of not only the homonymous series, but of Rosewill's entire PSU portfolio. This unit features a powerful single +12V rail, goes fanless at lower loads, and is equipped with modular cables that, amongst others, include six PCIe and two EPS connectors, so it can handle up to three high-end VGAs and a server mainboard with two installed CPUs. The big Tachyon does, according to Rosewill, utilize a silent fan which, thanks to its auto fan speed control, operates with the lowest possible noise-output once engaged. Well, we will see about that given we already started taking noise measurements through the fan-speed data we gather in every other review. We should note that taking noise measurements during PSU testing is not that easy while the ultra-noisy Chromas is operating, and we had to devise a rather simple, but at the same time ingenious, method to be able to accurately evaluate the output noise of the PSU under testing conditions.

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