Sabrent Rocket Q 1 TB M.2 NVMe SSD Review 14

Sabrent Rocket Q 1 TB M.2 NVMe SSD Review

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Sabrent is an American hardware manufacturer that was founded in 1998. Their product ranges include external drive enclosures, cables, chargers, card readers, USB hubs and similar peripherals. In the last few years they've made a name for themselves in the SSD market by offering highly cost effective solid-state drives with good performance.

Today, we have for review the Sabrent Rocket Q, which comes in the M.2 form factor and a fast PCI-Express x4 3.0 NVMe connection to interface with the rest of the system.

Under the hood, the Rocket Q is built around a Phison E12S controller paired with Micron 96-layer 3D QLC flash. As expected, the SSD includes pseudo-SLC caching to improve performance. The Rocket Q also has a DRAM cache chip to avoid the random write performance issues of DRAM-less SSDs.

Sabrent is offering the Rocket Q in capacities of 1 TB ($130), 2 TB ($240), and 4 TB ($850). Endurance for these models is set at 260 TBW, 530 TBW, and 940 TBW respectively. Sabrent also includes a five-year warranty.

Specifications: Sabrent Rocket Q SSD
Capacity:1000 GB (931 GB usable)
16 GB additional overprovisioning
Controller:Phison PS5012-E12S-32
Flash:Micron, 96-layer 3D QLC
DRAM:256 MB Kingston DDR3L-1866
Endurance:260 TBW
Form Factor:M.2 2280
Interface:PCIe Gen 3 x4, NVMe 1.3
Device ID:Sabrent Rocket Q
Warranty:5 years
Price at Time
of Review:
$130 / 13 cents per GB
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