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Sanyo Denki A11H Online UPS Review

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I would like to thank Sanyo Denki for supplying the review sample.

A few months ago I reviewed an "off-line" uninterruptible power supply here. An off-line UPS is one that switches over to the battery backup after the power is lost, ideally in such a short time that there is no disruption in power for the attached components. Another type is an "on-line" UPS, which runs from the battery all the time, charging the battery as it is needed. The unit I will be showing you today is a true on-line UPS solution. To quote CSE Magazine:
These days, however, sensitive electronic loads often can't tolerate a power outage of even one cycle and should be protected by an online UPS that provides power to the load continuously and can switch to backup power without interruption. By cleaning the normal power, online UPS systems also provide power free of interruptions, voltage or frequency variations and transients.
  • 55V AC to 150V AC input voltage window
  • 40 Hz to 120 Hz input frequency window
  • Load short circuit auto return technology
  • Available in 1kVA, 1.5kVA, 2kVA and 3kVA models
  • Available in rack or tower type (rack only for 1.5kVA model)
  • Optional LAN / SNMP interface card
  • Optional 0 volts neutral to ground isolation transformer
  • Three year full warranty

Dimensions:173 x 430 x 270 mm
(6.81 x 16.93 x 10.63 in)
Weight:17 kg (37.5 lbs)
Output Power:1kVA (0.7kW)
Cooling:Forced air
Input Voltage Range:55V ~ 150V
Input Voltage Frequency:10 Hz to 120 Hz
Input Power Factor:0.95 Min.
Output Power Factor:0.7 (lag)
Output Nominal Voltage:120V
Output Voltage Regulation:+/- 2% Max
Output Frequency:50 / 60 Hz
Output Frequency Range:Normal Operation: +/- 1, 3, 5% Max.
Battery Operation: +/- 0.5% Max.
Overcurrent Capacity:105% (200 ms)
Backup time:5 minutes @ 100% load
15 minutes @ 50% load
45 minutes @ 25% load
Acoustic Noise:40 dB max
Operating Temperature:0 ~ 40º C
Relative Humidity:20 ~ 90%

About Sanyo Denki

From Sanyo Denki:
Sanyo Denki UPS systems are all Japanese Designed and Engineered, specializing in single phase True On-Line/Hybrid UPS Systems. Sanyo Denki is looking to provide unparalleled protection to their customer's equipment by always looking for a way to stay one step ahead of the competition, manufacturing unique to the market quality UPS Systems with features and technologies that no other competitor on the market can match. Sanyo Denki's goal is to give the customer the product and support they need and will work with the customer to provide custom systems for special projects and/or critical applications. Though Sanyo Denki is new to the UPS market here in the USA, we are the #1 provider of many systems in Japan, [working] with customers such as IBM Japan, NTT (equivalent of AT&T), Toyota, Nissan, Fujitsu and the Ministry of Defense. These are only a handful of our customers. We look forward to building new and great relationships here in the USA. [We] would like you to know that in 1955 we were actually the first and only company to manufacture a UPS in Japan. Sanyo Denki Company has been around since 1927 and currently has subsidiaries and support offices all over the world."
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