Scythe Kama Connect Review 4

Scythe Kama Connect Review

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Size comparison using a regular CD. As you can see the unit isn't too big and can easily fit into your pocket or notebook bag.

On one side you have the EIDE connector for 3.5" IDE HDDs and 5.25" IDE CD/DVD-ROMs.

On the opposite side is the SATA connector for 3.5" SATA HDDs and 2.5" SATA HDDs.

On the short side you have a power connector which is used to power SATA HDDs. The small connector on the left is for the included USB cable. If you have a digital camera - it's the same plug and the camera cable will work.

Power for the harddisk is delivered by an external PSU. This is necessary, because USB is specified to max. 500mA. Most devices you can connect to the Kama Connect need more power.
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