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Seasonic Platinum Series 1200 W Review

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We would like to thank Seasonic for supplying the review sample.

Some things get better as time goes on, and Seasonic products are a solid example of this. Their techs obviously never go into stand-by mode, but constantly thrive to push analog circuits to their limits instead (they will hopefully start messing with digital circuits soon). Their latest addition is the Platinum 1200 W unit (Platinum-1200 or SS-1200XP3 in short) which, as it name implies, offers Platinum efficiency and topnotch performance because of its advanced platform and high quality components. The unit is based on the same platform as the one in our Cooler Master V1200 review. The latter topped our performance graph, so we expect this Seasonic unit to do the same.

The SS-1200XP3 uses a powerful +12V rail, features a fully-modular cabling design, and comes with a user-selectable semi-passive operation, which nullifies the cooling fan's noise output so long as the load is low. While almost all competitors in the category use 140 mm fans, which provides good airflow with as little noise output as possible, Seasonic instead decided to use a smaller 120 mm fan. The unit’s other characteristics include the exclusive use of Japanese electrolytic capacitors, which are more durable than Chinese caps, and with ten PCIe and two EPS connectors that are all available at the same time, a huge number of connectors. Seasonic wasn't as stringent as before with connectors in an attempt to attract those miners who still use normal PCs to extract crypto coins. We have also seen some incredibly strong PSUs hit the market recently because of the mining craze, but now that the trend has ebbed down, companies will most likely lose their seated interest in the high-capacity category. But incredibly strong high-end PSUs are also a company's pride as such units showcase technical knowledge nicely, so companies may keep on releasing such flagship models after all.

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