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Seasonic Snow Silent 750 W Review

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We would like to thank Seasonic for supplying the review sample.

Seasonic is considered a key players when it comes to PSUs, and many of their offerings are among the best money can buy today, which makes Seasonic PSUs especially popular among enthusiast users. However, until their Snow Silent 1050 W unit, Seasonic didn't have anything capable of meeting the low noise levels of other competing high capacity offers (e.g. Super Flower) because Seasonic insists on using 120 mm fans with their high-end PSUs, which results in annoyingly noisy PSUs since smaller fans have to spin faster than larger fans to provide enough airflow. The release of the Silent Snow 1050 W PSU proved that a 120 mm FDB fan and a semi-passive operation can combine to offer a quiet experience if a relaxed fan profile is used, which put Seasonic back on track with the competition. However, since most users don't need units capable of more than 1 kW, Seasonic now also offers a Snow Silent 750 W unit, and we are definitely happy to see lower capacity units being introduced to the line.

The Snow Silent 750 W shares many similarities with its big brother, including its white paint job, Platinum efficiency, and silent operation. The Snow Silent-750 also uses a slower FDB fan and is smaller than the Snow Silent-1050, and both Snow Silent units have the same efficiency rating (80 PLUS Platinum). The lower capacity of the unit we are taking a look at today means that its fan has to handle less heat, which allowed Seasonic to use a quieter, slower fan. For some of you, a quiet PSU isn't a matter of immense importance; however, there those who throttle their system components noise output through, for example, a custom-cooling solutions, which would make a quiet PSU a must.

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