Seasonic X Series XM2 1250 W Review 25

Seasonic X Series XM2 1250 W Review

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We would like to thank Seasonic for supplying the review sample.

Seasonic decided it was time to refresh all of their high-end platforms, so their new Platinum units now feature "XP3" in their model numbers while the fresh X-1050 and X-1250 units use "XM2". The latter are classified a little below the Platinum units in Seasonic’s portfolio; however, they cost less and offer very good performance since the differences to Seasonic's flagship Platinum models are miniscule.

The X-1250 XM2 (or SS-1250XM2) we will review today is currently among Seasonic's strongest offerings. Strangely enough, Seasonic hasn't yet released a unit with a greater capacity, although the company is considered one of the best and most experienced PSU manufacturers around. Seasonic apparently doesn't believe in such high capacity units and avoids spending precious R&D resources on them; however, 1.3-1.5 kW PSUs were quite popular while the mining craze was at its peak, and we believe that they should at least release one Platinum or Titanium 1.5 kW unit to send the competition that thrives on such monstrous-capacity units a message (see the new Super Flower 1.6 kW unit and the mighty Corsair AX1500i).

Today’s star, the SS-1250XM2, features Gold efficiency that is actually closer to Platinum, a fully modular cabling design, a single +12V rail, and a rather small 120 mm fan. We think Seasonic should use a different approach to cooling by equipping their high-end units with larger fans since these can push the same amount of air at lower speeds for less noise. More and more people are lately making low-noise PC components their prerogative, so it would be wise of Seasonic to also take the lead there as their high-wattage units definitely aren't silent enough as of yet when compared to the competition.

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