Shuttle Fanless Slim-PC DS57U Review 0

Shuttle Fanless Slim-PC DS57U Review

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The package is as simple as it gets, but the box is sturdy enough to protect its contents. There is only a colored sticker with the barebone's technical specifications. A notice there, on a yellow backdrop, also states that the DS57U only supports 1.35 V DDR3 SO-DIMM modules.


Two thick pieces of foam spacers protect the barebone inside the box.

The bundle includes a VESA mount, a pair of stands, several sets of bolts, a software disk, and a quick installation guide.

The power brick that feeds the barebone is by Asian Power Devices, and it can deliver up to 3.42 A with 19 V output, or 65 W, which will easily cover this system's needs.
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