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SilentiumPC Supremo M1 700 W Review

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We would like to thank SilentiumPC for supplying the review sample.

SilentiumPC is a relatively new company located in Poland. They enrolled into silent PC cases, cooling solutions, and power supplies. According to their "About us" page, they don’t exercise aggressive marketing techniques to spend money on further developing their products instead of on banners and slogans. They also take user feedback during the product's development process quite seriously to ensure users get exactly what they need and crave.

The company released their first PSU series called Deus in 2012 and currently offers five PSU models, including the Vero L1 500 W, a mainstream PSU. Their newest offering is the Supremo M1-700, and it will be the main subject of today’s review. The Supremo features 80 Plus Platinum efficiency and has its fan operate in semi-passive mode to be as quiet as possible at low loads. It also uses a semi-modular cabling design and our tests show the unit to truly be a Platinum PSU since it registered very high efficiency scores that easily meet the very tough competition in this category. It is definitely good to also see new companies enter the PSU market since it increases choice and creates competition, which inevitably lowers prices.

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