SilverStone Strider Plus ST60F-PS 600 W Review 5

SilverStone Strider Plus ST60F-PS 600 W Review

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We would like to thank Silverstone for supplying the review sample.

Silverstone's rich PSU portfolio makes them a significant presence in the field of power supplies, and they have, on top of that, recently introduced a few new products. After the high-end Zeus 1350 W, which we evaluated in a previous review, they decided to release a middle-category PSU for a wider portion of users. Truth be told, high-capacity PSUs are amazing to test and review, but most users out there simply don’t need as much power and a 600 – 750 W unit will usually meet their needs. Also, the number of sales in the 600-750 W category is way higher than that of high-capacity units, mainly because the latter are ultra-expensive and too much for most systems. It is just like with race cars: everyone wants to drive one, but only a few actually buy them, while most of us buy a car that suits our needs (unless you feel the need for a 700 BHP car to drive the kids to school).

Silverstone’s Strider series consists of numerous members with capacities ranging from 350 W to 1500 W. The new addition to this series is the ST60F-PS unit boasting to be the world’s smallest modular ATX PSU with a depth of 140 mm, something that greatly simplifies its installation process. Its other characteristics include the 80 Plus Silver efficiency rating, a fully modular cabling system, and a single +12V rail. On top of that, Silverstone promises ±3% voltage regulation on all rails, and low ripple and noise. A significant advantage of fully modular PSUs, besides their easy installation, is the fact that you can use a different set of cables to meet your tastes and needs better. Like all Silverstone modular units made after 2009, the ST60F-PS is compatible with their optional PP06 modular cable kits consisting of full-length connectors with individually sleeved, black wires. Along with the ST60F-PS, Silverstone was kind enough to provide us with a full set of PP06 cables, which will allow us to check on their quality and usability.

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